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Understanding economic policymaking

Understanding economic policymaking

This course will employ a non-technical approach to analyze how governments use policy to influence a country’s economy.

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  • 6 weeks long
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  • Taught by: Gayle Allard, Professor Economics
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Upon completing the course you should be able to discuss national debts and deficits, examine fiscal and monetary policy and their appropriateness to the situation of an economy, and anticipate the results of fiscal and monetary policies and structural reform on a country. These concepts will give you the tools to develop your own position in many current economic debates, such as fiscal stimulus vs. austerity, the merits of quantitative easing, the need for higher interest rates or the future growth path of many modern economies.

  • Week 1: Macro-economy Overview
  • Week 2: The Fiscal Policy Tool
  • Week 3: Deficits, Debts, Myths and Realities
  • Week 4: Monetary Policy
  • Week 5: Combining Policies and Other Policy Tools
  • Week 6: Policymaking in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

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