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Theory of Production Processes

Theory of Production Processes
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      • Taught by: Dr. Pradeep K. Jha, Associate Professor
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Online Course Details:

The course focuses on understanding the science behind technology of primary production processes namely casting, forming and welding. Conventionally, the courses on manufacturing processes deal with study of operational procedures. However, it is desirable to know how any process occurs and the products are finally manufactured, the basic principles behind these processes are required to be highlighted. The course will make the students aware with the theoretical aspects of the different manufacturing processes mentioned above.

The course has been divided into three sections namely casting, forming and welding, each being covered in 4 weeks of time. The underlying principles of solidification, fluidity, gating, risering, melting etc. will be covered in casting section whereas mechanics of metalworking, analysis of different metal working processes will be covered in the second section i.e. forming. In the third section i.e. welding, principles of welding processes, thermal effects, weldability etc. will be covered. The course will enable the students be conversant with working principles so that they can use the knowledge gained towards increasing the productivity of manufacturing industries in the long run.




PREREQUISITES: Introduction to manufacturing technology or manufacturing processes.

INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Manufacturing Industries where casting/forming/welding takes place, for example SAIL, BHEL, Foundry and Forge industries like HEC, Bharat Forge etc.

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