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The Tableau 2018 Comprehensive Guide


Get a comprehensive skill set in Tableau and succeed in business intelligence, data visualization and in your career!

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What You will Learn?

  • choose the best visualization type
  • be familiar with the Tableau interface and Tableau terminology
  • choose a suitable Tableau product
  • writing custom codes for best results
  • be a Tableau mentor for team colleagues
  • perform hands on tasks in Tableau
  • create custom visualizations
  • troubleshooting

Online Course Description:

Course Content:

  • creating powerful data visualizations with Tableau – we cover the default graph types like scatterplots, barcharts, treemaps, heatmaps, boxplots, time series charts, various types of dual axis charts, maps, as well as self-designed visualizations
  • learning the best data visualization techniques from planning to presenting the results
  • implementing features of Tableau to create interactive data reports
  • custom calculations using Tableau’s functions
  • preparing and shaping your data
  • managing multiple data connections
  • I will also show you how to select a Tableau product which fits your needs – paid or free
  • And there are many projects and exercises to practice and deepen your knowledge


  • Do you want your data to be easily understood by everyone?
  • Do you want to create convincing charts?
  • Do you want a versatile graphics toolbox?
  • Do you want powerful formatting skills?
  • Do you want to highlight specific details of your data?

Well, if that is what you are looking for, congratulations – you just found it!

Tableau is a very powerful data visualization tool. Many businesses already used it and the number increases by the day. And that is no coincidence – Tableau visualizations of high quality can be produced fast, given you know Tableau!

In fact this is a very hands on course, you have plenty of opportunity and you are highly encouraged to participate in the many  exercises.

Who is the target audience?
  • Data scientists interested in data visualization
  • Business intelligence staff
  • Entrepreneurs willing to show data with Tableau
  • University students with a quantitative focus
  • Everybody interested in data visualization

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