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The Science of Nutrition

The Science of Nutrition

Get an introduction to nutritional science. Explore the biology, chemistry and physics of food and how our bodies digest it.

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Open University Online Course Details:

Have you ever looked at a food label and wondered what kilocalories really mean? Would you like to know more about fat, protein or carbohydrates, and how our bodies process them?

This online nutrition course provides the answers. You’ll explore biology, finding out how our digestive system and bloodstream process and transport food. You’ll use physics to work out how much energy food contains. And through chemistry, you’ll discover the role that acid and enzymes play in digestion. Finally, you’ll consider the science behind dietary advice and why we’re facing an obesity epidemic worldwide.

What Will You Learn?

  • Basic chemistry of protein, fat and carbohydrate components of food
  • Basic biology of the digestive system, how enzymes function and how products of digestion are used
  • Measurements of nutrients in prepared food and interpretation of food labels
  • Measurement of the energy available from food
  • Constituents of a healthy diet and analysis of dietary advice
  • The obesity epidemic and aspects of different diets throughout the worldTake This Online Course