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Teluq Free Online Courses

Teluq Free Online Courses

TELUQ is a public French-Language distance learning University which is also a part of the Universite du Quebec system.

TELUQ University:

This distance learning University was founded in the year 1972 as the Tele-universite, Universite du Quebec commission in order to develop a number of distance education courses. But now it is a University that offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs in multiple domains. It has almost 90 highly qualified and professional professors and more than 20,000 students.

TELUQ as a Distance Learning Platform:

The University has a total of 400 courses and 125 programs to offer to the students through distance learning. Each course and the programs offered by the University are designed by professors who are highly professionals and experts in their field. All these courses are made under high supervision and in collaboration with education technology and media production specialists. These courses are taught under great pedagogical methods and tools and provides a number of other services like personalized support, digital and printed materials for study purpose and help and ease in accessibility and much more. We at TakeThisCourse.net really appreciates the remarkable efforts that the University make in order to benefit the students. And that is why we urge students to take a look at what the distance learning University has to offer.

Free Online Courses with Certificates

TELUQ Free Online Courses and MOOCs

Introduction à l’histoire politique du Québec
via Independent
6 Weeks Duration
2 Hours Weekly Study

Liberté D’expression: Normes, Fondements, Enjeux
via Independent
4 Weeks Duration
3-4 Hours Weekly Study

Conciliation travail-famille : défis et solutions
via Independent
5 Weeks Duration
2 Hours Weekly Study

Features of TELUQ Distance Learning:

The TELUQ distance learning comes with the following four main features.

  • Personalized mentoring.
  • Courses adapted to distance learning model.
  • All courses are under professors (PhD) responsibility.
  • Registration at any time
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Thus TELUQ is a highly reputed distance learning University that has a number of courses and degree programs to be taken by all those interested in learning. So visit the TELUQ website today and enjoy various advantages like registering at any time, a flexible distance education schedule that is according to the requirement of the student and much more.

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