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Standard American Accent – With Robyn Scott

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With this engaging course in hand, you will be able to understand the standard American accent at your ease and pace. You can consider this course as an introduction to the standard American accent where the instructor breaks down the sounds. And then put them back together to help you learn what they are and how to pronounce them. The course encloses in it different lessons which include rules to follow with vowels and consonants, breath, states during the audition, and many more.

In this course I am going to help you with a Standard American Accent.
This is an introduction course and my method is to break down the sounds, put them back together and ultimately throw them away. The lessons in this course are:

  • Accents are all about Sound
  • Rules to follow with Vowels & Consonants
  • The Little Words
  • An “In” for every accent
  • Slates during auditions
  • Breath
  • Conscious & Unconscious Listening (with bonus exercise)

I truly hope that you will enjoy this course and that it gives you the tools to work on perfecting your Standard American accent. Please be on the lookout for more accent courses from me in the future.

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