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Spring Boot Microservices and Spring Cloud

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Learning to build RESTful microservices with spring boot and spring cloud and that too at your ease and pace is not a problem anymore. It is because of this course, you can learn all about microservices easily. You will learn to build and run RESTful microservices. With that, you will understand how to implement user authentication. Not just that, you will also be learning to implement user authorization with spring security and JWT. Similarly, you’ll understand the Zuul API gateway and a load balancer as well and much more.


  • Build and run RESTful Microservices
  • Implement User Authentication
  • Eureka Discovery Service
  • Implement User Authorization with Spring Security and JWT
  • Spring Cloud API Gateway
  • Learn to use JPA to persist data into a Database
  • Cloud Cloud Config Server
  • Learn to install MySQL Server and persist data into MySQL
  • Spring Cloud Bus and Rabbit MQ
  • H2 in-memory database and H2 Console
  • Spring Boot Actuator
  • Learn to use HTTP Postman
  • Use Spring Security
  • Learn to use Spring Initializer
  • Distributed Tracing with Sleuth and Zipkin
  • Learn to use Spring Tool Suite
  • Centralized Logging with ELK Stack(Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana)
  • Run Microservices in Docker Containers

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