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Selenium Webdriver Complete Course – Build A Framework

Selenium Webdriver Complete Course - Build A Framework

Learn how to create a framework, from scratch, with Selenium Webdriver – so that you can use it at your workplace.

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What You will Learn?

  • Create a Selenium Webdriver framework from scratch using C#
  • Master C# for Software Automation Engineers
  • Master how to use Selenium Webdriver
  • Learn how to use any identification mechanism to find an object on a web page
  • Become a master of Xpath
  • Create extremely reliable and stable automation tests
  • Use the Page Object Pattern to develop high quality tests
  • Learn the automation testing best practices so that you can do Automation Testing with any tool
  • Understand what to automate and when
  • Learn what an Automation Engineer does at their job in the Agile lifecycle every day
  • Learn how to work with JSON objects using C#

Online Course Description:

Are you confused and frustrated with your functional test automation??

Do your tests break often for no apparent reason??

Can you run 500 tests per day with the click of a button?

If you are struggling with these issues, then you are not alone. I was there many years ago as well and couldn’t figure out the proper way to do test automation. The solution was simple.

You need to build a framework!

Since nobody teaches QA Engineers how to build an amazing test automation framework, I decided to do so.

The Complete Selenium WebDriver with C# course is crafted carefully by professionals to turn regular people into the greatest Automation Test Engineers. Engineers capable of writing functional tests within minutes. Writing tests that are easy to read and understand. Writing tests that withstand the test of time.

Everything is carefully planned and executed in high quality video tutorials. The tutorials are full of exercises on real applications to ensure higher retention rates.

“The best tutorials I have ever seen, simply awesome. I take off my hat in front of you, you are an gorgeous professor, I am speechless to express how satisfied I am with these tutorials.” -Lisbey


What will you learn?

– Over 25 hours of tutorials to teach a complete beginner how to build a Selenium WebDriver automation framework

– How to write your first automation framework from scratch

– The automation testing best practices to make you amazing at your job

– The Page Object Pattern, the most effective way to create automation testing frameworks

– How to use the Page Object model to make your tests more robust and withstand the test of time

– Full 10 hours of C# lectures to make you efficient at coding frameworks

– Learn variables, classes, objects, arrays, dictionaries, interfaces

– You will learn Visual Studio

– How to use only free tools to code your framework

– How to identify any element, any time, using the most advanced techniques

– Learn all of the different Selenium WebDriver locators and XPath

– How to work as an automation tester at your job in an Agile lifecycle

– Tips and tricks to make you better at coding and automation like Resharper

– Learn the problems that can occur as a result of improper synchronization

– Learn Selenium WebDriver implicit and explicit waits

– Drag and drop with Selenium Webdriver

– Open developer tools to monitor traffic during your automated tests

– Learn how to run Selenium Webdriver tests in parallel on your computer

– Learn how to run Selenium Webdriver tests in parallel in Browser Stack’s cloud

– Learn how to run Selenium Webdriver tests in parallel in Sauce Lab’s cloud

– How to use Visual Studio Test

– Understand the benefits of running your tests in parallel

– Understand the benefits of running your tests in the cloud

– Understand how to configure and use the RemoteWebdriver class

– Much, much more….


What my students are saying:

“As an Automation Engineer in the process of switching from Java to C#, I found this course interesting. By starting off with the basics of developing in C# and then progressing through unit testing and developing an automation framework, this course delivers everything you need to build a foundation to become an automation engineer. As if the development knowledge wasn’t enough, the students are provided with a section about Scrum and a wealth of references about the business value of automation. I have already recommended this course to my proteges as a way to reduce their learning curve and improve productivity.” -Shawn

“I’ve been searching for good Selenium C# videos since December 2014. I’ve been using the IDE but now it’s mandatory that I use webdriver. Just in the past few videos I have been provided with more useful information than I’ve discovered independently in 23 months. Thank you for creating this series” -Kay



$200 worth of bonuses!!!!

1. Free course – Introduction to SauceLabs, BrowserStack and Parallel Test Execution ($75 value)

2. Free course – How to do Mouse and Keyboard Actions ($50 value)

3. Free course – What Are Implicit and Explicit Waits ($40 value)

4. Ebook that reveals, “Best Resources to Learn Selenium WebDriver” ($35 value)

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