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Robotics: Locomotion Engineering

Robotics Locomotion Engineering
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  • 12 weeks long
  • 8-10 hours a week
  • FREE, Upgradable
  • Self-Paced
  • Taught by: Dan Koditschek, Alfred Fitler Moore Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science
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Online Course Details:

Learn how to design, build, and program dynamical, legged robots that can operate in the real world.

How do robots climb stairs, traverse shifting sand and navigate through hilly and rocky terrain?

This course, part of the Robotics MicroMasters program, will teach you how to think about complex mobility challenges that arise when robots are deployed in unstructured human and natural environments.

You will learn how to design and program the sequence of energetic interactions that must occur between sensors and mechanical actuators in order to ensure stable mobility. We will expose you to underlying and still actively developing concepts, while providing you with practical examples and projects.

What you’ll learn

  • The design and analysis of agile, bioinspired, sensorimotor systems
  • How to develop simplified models of complex dynamic systems
  • Ways to utilize simplified models to achieve dynamical mobility tasks
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