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QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2021, 2020, 2019, & 2018 Start to Finish

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This comprehensive course will provide an understanding of QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2021, 2020, 2019 & 2018 in a format beneficial to both beginners & advanced users. We will start at the basics & go far beyond simple data entry, explaining how the software works in a clear step by step format. We continually update this course, making it a community and recourse you can regularly return to and learn from. Current students will have access to the updates as they are created. If you do not have access to QuickBooks, Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks, often provides a free 30-day trial, perfect for our needs.


  • How to enter data related for a full accounting cycle in to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Basics to advanced topics – Comprehensive course is a great tool for beginners, advanced users or to use as a reference tool to fall back on.
  • Learn how to navigate through QuickBooks.
  • Understand accounting cycles related to revenue, purchases, and payroll.
    Learn by working an example problem setting up a new company and entering two month of data input.
  • Be able to backup files and restore backup data files. Backup data files will be provided that can also be used to jump forward in the example problem or to rework components of it.
  • Learn data input relate to invoices, bills, checks, deposits, purchase orders.
  • Understand much more then data input as a CPA demonstrates how QuickBooks uses the data to construct reports
    Generate reports, read reports, format reports, and export reports to Excel.
  • Learn to enter bank reconciliation by using practice bank statements, a format of learning not often provided but very useful
    Create budgets in QuickBooks.
  • Understand how bank feeds are set up and how the work.
  • Learn both accounting terminology and Quickbooks terminology so we can communicate with QuickBooks users and accountants who do not use QuickBooks.
  • Enter period end adjusting entries into QuickBooks.

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