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From installation and set up, to confident Python developer in 3 projects.

We have given a detailed review of this course below for our readers but just wanted to highlight some points:

  • 60+ students enrolled
  • Review available
  • 2.5 Hours on-demand videos
  • 1 Supplemental Resource
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 days Money back guarantee

Most attractive feature is 30 days Money Back Guarantee means there is no risk. If you didn’t like this Python online course, you can refund your money back within next 30 days.


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 What You will Learn?

  • Installation and setup of Python with Eclipse IDE
  • Confidently use and describe the value of common design patterns
  • Build a maze game using common design patterns
  • Build a GUI in 4 lines of code with Tkinter
  • Fetch data, transform it into HTML and schedule tasks, such as an automated email

Online Course Description:

This course is a real practical introduction to the language, with 3 practical projects to get you started programming in Python with confidence.

A step by step guide to installation and set up ensures you hit the ground running with a quick look at setting breakpoints and debugging. By the end of the first project you will have built a maze game using 3 different design patterns, having gained familiarity with the language and the skills to design applications with scalability in mind.

Build a fully functioning GUI in a tiny amount of code, over the course of the second project you will use Tkinter to create and edit an interface for a weather app. Then populate the app with real time weather data from a single website and then from sources around the web. Finally further enhance the GUI by implementing the Open Weather Map API to display icons representing your data.

In the final project you will use the data collected in the previous project to create emails and configure gmail to automate an email. Schedule the email task using built in Python features and finally run the scheduled task as a Windows service.

About The Author

Burkhard A. Meier has more than 15 years of professional experience working in the software industry as a software tester and developer, specializing in software test automation development, execution, and analysis. He has a very strong background in SQL relational database administration, the development of stored procedures, and debugging code.

While experienced in Visual Studio .NET C#, Visual Test, TestComplete, and other testing languages (such as C/C++), his main focus over the past two years has been developing test automation written in Python 3 to test the leading edge of FLIR ONE infrared cameras for iPhone and Android smart phones as well as handheld tablets.

Being highly appreciative of art, beauty, and programming, he developed GUIs in C# and Python to streamline everyday test automation tasks, enabling these automated tests to run unattended for weeks, collecting very useful data to be analyzed and automatically plotted into graphs and e-mailed to upper management upon completion of nightly automated test runs.

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