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Python and Flask Bootcamp: Create Websites using Flask!

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  • Jose Portilla via Udemy
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Do you want to become an expert in building a professional-looking website? If yes, then here is the deal. This course is a Python and Flask Bootcamp, where you will learn to create stunning websites with Flask. You will start learning and developing skills from the basics of HTML to create templates and basic CSS to style your webpages. Get to know about different Python features and functions such as decoratorsobject-oriented programming, and using Flask to create basic landing pages. By the end of this  Python Flask Training course, you will create simple REST APIs with Flask, accept payments with Stripe and Flask, understand OAuth with Flask applications, and a lot more.


  • Learn basic HTML to create templates.
  • Learn basic CSS to style your webpages.
  • Understand Python, including Functions, Decorators, and Object Oriented Programming.
  • Use Flask to create basic landing pages.
  • Use WTForms to accept user inputs from a Flask Application.
  • Use Flask and SQLAlchemy as an ORM for a SQL database.
  • Use blueprints to structure larger Flask Applications.
  • Create a fully functioning Social Network Site with Flask.
  • Enable User Authentication and Authorization with Flask.
  • Understand OAuth with Flask Applications.
  • Create simple REST APIs with Flask.
  • Accept Payments with Stripe and Flask.

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