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PowerPoint Animations and Video for Online Instructors


Engage your audience with video, text, picture, animation, and audio mashups in PowerPoint

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What You will Learn?

  • Combine text and animation with talking head videos for more compelling online courses.
  • Use transition effects and slideshows for effective comparisons and before/after photos.
  • Use SmartArt to effectively illustrate relationships, processes, and more, even if you have zero design or drawing skills.
  • Do screen recordings with your PC or Mac, even if you don’t have ScreenFlow, Camstasia, or other recording software.
  • Show video in a corner or the screen, or run two videos simultaneously.
  • Combine great PowerPoint content with your online course for a more powerful delivery.
  • Discover fabulous resources for free and public domain videos, photos, background music, and sounds effects to use in your own creations.
  • Set the mood or add some fun with background music and sound effects.

Online Course Description:

This is NOT just another course on avoiding “death by PowerPoint” through proper use of pictures and bullet points (yawn). Not at all. This course is all about using the best and most powerful PowerPoint features to create stunning videos for use in online courses, YouTube videos, and other movie presentations.

You’ll learn to combine video, text, photos, slides, and animations in your presentations. Set a mood or add some fun with background music and sound effects. Discover many new and exciting resources for finding free and public domain video, photos, music, and sound effects to use in your own creations.

You’ll discover the power of transition effects to add visual interest. Master PowerPoint animation capabilities for engaging titles, bullet points, and other on-screen text. Combine a talking-head video with animated titles to really drive your point home.

Take advantage of PowerPoint’s SmartArt to achieve a polished professional look even if you know nothing about design or color theory.

Covert your PowerPoint presentation to MP4 and publish as a standalone video presentation on Udemy, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site. Or combine your PowerPoint videos with other videos for maximum clarity and presentation power in your online courses.

Students should have access to PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2016, or PowerPoint in Office for Mac. After a quick overview of the basics (just to level the playing field for less experienced PowerPoint users), we’ll get right into the more advanced techniques that add life, clarity, and professional polish to your online presentations. If you already know a bit about PowerPoint, and are looking to up your game in online courses or other video presentations, the techniques you learn in this fun, easy course will serve you well for many years to come.

Who is the target audience?
  • Online instructors, YouTubers, and other creative professionals who want to add vitality, clarity, and professional polish to their video presentations.
  • People who should NOT take this course are those who are looking to create videos as cheaply and as quickly as possible to maximize profit. This course is for people who are want to produce the best video products possible.

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