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Paint Tool SAI Basics

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  • Gabriel Ortolan via Skillshare
  • 1 Projects included
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This amazingly interactive and engaging class has been designed for all the people out there who are curious to learn all about Paint tool SAI. The course is especially suitable for beginners who are just starting in this field and need to know all the basics of paint tool SAI. The instructor is going to talk about the different tools, colors, shortcuts, masks, selection, and much more in this course. With that, he is also going to make a comparison of paint tool SAI with Adobe Photoshop and also mention a quick and easy way to make the compatibility between these two. Going further, you will understand all about paint and colors, how to use them, and more.

This class project consists in creating some pixelated art on Paint Tool SAI and post it here. You can use the tools and resources that I teach on this class or even something else. It can be simple or complex, does not matter. What does matter is that I am able to provide you with some feedback so that you can become better and discover other things on Paint Tool SAI.

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