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Node.js Interview Questions Preparation Course

Node. js Interview Questions Preparation Course

Learn everything about Node.js. Save time in Interview preparation. Go high in your career!

We have given a detailed review of this course below for our readers but just wanted to highlight some points:

  • 1,480+ students enrolled
  • 28 Review available
  • 1 Hours on-demand videos
  • 4 Articles
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 days Money back guarantee

Most attractive feature is 30 days Money Back Guarantee means there is no risk. If you didn’t like this Node.js online course, you can refund your money back within next 30 days.

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What You will Learn?

  • Understand Node.js
  • Learn important concepts of Node.js
  • Understand benefits of Node.js
  • Answer questions on Node.js
  • Best practices of Node.js development
  • Understand Software UI Design level concepts
  • Demand higher salary or promotion based on the knowledge gained!

Online Course Description:

Node.js is one of the most popular Javascript engine in technology world. There is a growing demand for Software Engineer jobs in Node.js. Many fortune 500 organizations use Node.js. Big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google etc use Node.js based UI. This course is designed to help you answer interview questions on Node.js.

Software Engineers with Node.js knowledge may get more salary than others with similar qualifications without Node.js knowledge.

In this course, you will learn how to handle interview questions on Node.js in Software Deployment and Development. We will explain you the important concepts of Node.js.

You will also learn the benefits and use cases of Node.js in this course.

What is the biggest benefit of this course to me?

Finally, the biggest benefit of this course is that you will be able to demand higher salary in your next job interview.

It is good to learn Node.js for theoretical benefits. But if you do not know how to handle interview questions on Node.js, you can not convert your Node.js knowledge into higher salary.

What are the topics covered in this course?

We cover a wide range of topics in this course. We have questions on Node.js best practices, internal details, Node.js tricky questions etc.

How will this course help me?

By attending this course, you do not have to spend time searching the Internet for Node.js interview questions. We have already compiled the list of the most popular and the latest Node.js Interview questions.

Are there answers in this course?

Yes, in this course each question is followed by an answer. So you can save time in interview preparation.

What is the best way of viewing this course?

You have to just watch the course from beginning to end. Once you go through all the videos, try to answer the questions in your own words. Also mark the questions that you could not answer by yourself. Then, in second pass go through only the difficult questions. After going through this course 2-3 times, you will be well prepared to face a technical interview in Node.js.

What is the level of questions in this course?

This course contains questions that are good for a Fresher to an Architect level. The difficulty level of question varies in the course from a Fresher to an Experienced professional.

What happens if Node.js technology changes in future?

From time to time, we keep adding more questions to this course. Our aim is to keep you always updated with the latest interview questions on Node.js.

What are the sample questions covered in this course?

Sample questions covered in this course are as follows:

  1. What are the reasons of popularity of Node.js?
  2. What is Event Driven Programming followed in Node.js?
  3. What are the main advantages of using Node.js?
  4. What are the types of applications that can be built by using Node.js?
  5. Why Node.js is based on single threaded architecture?
  6. What are the different types of APIs available in Node.js?
  7. Can we run Node.js on Windows environment?
  8. What is Event Loop in Node.js?
  9. What are the disadvantages of Node.js?
  10. How can we handle blocking I/O operations in Node.js?
  11. What is the difference between Asynchronous and Non-blocking?
  12. What is the difference between Node.js and Ajax?
  13. What is the difference between Node.js and AngularJS?
  14. How will you import external libraries in Node.js?
  15. What happens if we call require() method to load same module multiple times in Node.js?
  16. What is REPL in Node.js?
  17. What are the popular REPL commands in Node.js?
  18. What is NPM in Node.js?
  19. Why Node.js application is scalable?
  20. What is the purpose of module.exports in Node.js?
  21. What is Tracing in Node.js?
  22. How will you debug an application in Node.js?
  23. What is a Child Process in  Node.js?
  24. What is a Cluster in  Node.js?
  25. What is closure in JavaScript?
  26. What is a Buffer in  Node.js?
  27. How will you convert a Buffer to JSON in  Node.js?
  28. Why do we use __filename in  Node.js?
  29. What is the use of Timers is  Node.js?
  30. What are the important APIs in Timers module in Node.js?
  31. What is EventEmitter in  Node.js?
  32. What is the use of net.Socket in Node.js?
  33. What are the important events of net.Socket in Node.js?
  34. Can we build a REST service in Node.js?
  35. What is the use of DNS module in Node.js?
  36. What are the important command line options in Node.js?
  37. How does Node.js work?
  38. How can we avoid Callback Hell in Node.js?
  39. How do you resolve unhandled exceptions in a Node.js program?
  40. What is a Callback function in Node.js?
  41. What are the most popular modules of Node.js?
  42. What is the difference between readFile and createReadStream in Node.js?
  43. What is the use of QueryString in Node.js?
  44. How will you get the amount of free memory on the server in which Node.js application is running?
  45. What is a Global object in Node.js?
  46. What are the security mechanisms available in Node.js?
  47. What is the use of Zlib in Node.js?
  48. How will you convert a Buffer content into readable String in Node.js?
  49. How do you write unit test cases in Node.js?
  50. What are the standard Javascript errors?

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