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Maya Hard Surface Modeling Course Review

Maya Hard Surface Modeling Highlights
  • Digital Saucer Studios via Udemy
  • 9,198+ already enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (19 Ratings)

You will learn professional tips and tricks that will make you a better modeler. You will learn the difference between bad and good geometry, how to fix bad geometry, what mistakes to avoid and how to fix common problems. This course is project-based so you will dive into the modeling process by creating R2-D2, the famous robot from Star Wars.

You will learn how to create simple primitive polygons to block out the shape and form. You will learn how to detail the shapes and how to create supporting edges and where to place resolution in order to create the model you want to make.


You will learn the tool options, the shortcuts, and the best and most efficient way to use the tools.

Tools you will learn include:

  • Bevel Tool
  • Insert Edge Loop Tool
  • Multi-Cut Tool
  • Mirror Tool
  • Bridge Tool
  • Extrude Tool
  • Boolean Tool
  • Slide Edge Tool
  • Edit Edge Flow Tool
  • Combine/Separate/Extract/Duplicate

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