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Man Up: The Ultimate Assertiveness Coaching Programme

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It doesn’t matter how successful you are, there always comes a time where you will face challenging and hard-to-handle situations. But if you want to deal with these challenges as effectively as possible, then you must learn to assert yourself. And for this purpose, we present this course that will help you understand the most common trait of humans that is assertiveness. With the help of assertiveness Classes, you can make your voice heard by others and continue to live your life with robust confidence and self-assurance.


  • Understand how Assertiveness differs from Aggression and Passiveness.
  • Communicate Your Requests, Needs and Preferences to Others, Assertively.
  • Identify Ways to Balance the Level of Assertiveness You Use in Everyday Life.
  • Conduct Yourself With Deeper Confidence Throughout Your Full Range of Life Areas.
  • Know Your Current Level of Assertiveness and Recognise What Improvements are Needed.
  • Define the Goals You Want to Fulfil and Know How Assertiveness Can Help You Achieve Them.
  • Become More Assertive With People Who You May Previously Have Felt Intimidated By.
  • Interact With Other People in a Way That Demonstrates Genuine Confidence and Self Esteem.
  • Improve the Depth and Quality of Your Intimate, Social and Professional Relationships.

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