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Make Your Own Clothing: Introduction to Garment Construction

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If you’re able to understand the garment construction then this means that you have the right eye to differentiate between fine quality and an average one. The aim of this class is to help you understand the core sewing techniques that will help you create any type of garment and at the same time maintaining a fine quality. You will develop a designer’s eye for quality that’ll turn you into a smarter shopper as well. In the Best Online Sewing Courses this course has a lot to offer like making you understand what role a pattern plays in the construction of a garment and where and how to find one. You might also be interested in related sewing courses click here.


You’ll leave this class with the core sewing skills you need to begin making any garment. We’ll cover:

  • Block Patterns. Understanding what role a pattern plays in garment construction and where and how to find one.
  • Fabric Cutting. How to lay a pattern onto your fabric to be able to cut it.
  • Sewing & Stitches. Key techniques for sewing your fabric pieces together using 3 seam variations: basic stitching, french seams and Hong Kong bind seams.
  • Finishing. Techniques for finishing your garment on the inside to achieve a professional look.

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