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Learn Boundaries, Communication & Assertiveness Skills

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Want to lead a healthy life and don’t want to get abused by those who think they are more powerful than you? Learn to become assertive and set boundaries for yourself with the help of this course. With the help of this course, you can understand what healthy and unhealthy boundaries are and how they are developed. What are its influence on us, our families, and society? Similarly, how shame warps people and impairs a person’s ability to defend against an abusive behavior towards self or others will also be discussed. The instructor aims to teach you all the necessary practices that can help you set a positive and healthy life where you are not being bullied by anyone.


  • Learn about the definition of boundaries and how they develop.
  • Learn about internalized shame from the parents and culture.
  • Learn what unhealthy boundaries are and how to defend against abuse.
  • Learn to identify feelings.
  • Learn the three forms of communication.
  • Learn appropriate paraphrasing and validating skills.

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