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Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data

Java Programming Arrays, Lists, and Structured Data
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  • Taught by: Andrew D. Hilton, Robert Duvall, Owen Astrachan, Susan H. Rodger
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Online Course Details:

Build on the software engineering skills you learned in “Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software” by learning new data structures. Use these data structures to build more complex programs that use Java’s object-oriented features. At the end of the course, you will write an encryption program and a program to break your encryption algorithm.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

1. Read and write data from/to files;
2. Solve problems involving data files;
3. Perform quantitative analyses of data (e.g., finding maximums, minimums, averages);
4. Store and manipulate data in an array or ArrayList;
5. Combine multiple classes to solve larger problems;
6. Use iiterables and collections (including maps) in Java.

This course is part of multiple Specializations

A Specialization is a series of courses that help you master a skill. When you complete this course, your progress will count towards your learning in any of these Specializations:
  • Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Java


  • Data Structure
  • Cryptography
  • Hash Table
  • Java Programming

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