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iOS Development – App Monetization for Swift 3 & iOS 10

iOS Development Online Course- App Monetization for Swift 3 & iOS 10

We learn about AdMob, the Facebook Audience Network, In App Purchases and other ways to monetize our applications.

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What You will Learn?

  • Be sophisticated with different monetization options for iOS apps
  • Implement advertisements with Google AdMob
  • Implement advertisements with the Facebook Audience Network
  • Implement reward based video ads
  • Implement In App Purchases
  • Know about many other options of monetizing your applications

Online Course Description:

You’ve successfully learned how to develop iOS applications and have already developed great apps that may even have already made it into the app store. Now you’re looking for a way to turn your time and effort into actual income but you have no idea how to get started? Then this course is for you!

This course is about monetizing your iOS Applications. We’re going to teach you all you need to know about Google AdMob and the Facebook Audience Network which are the two biggest ad networks in the world.
We’ll teach you how to implement Banner ads as well as full screen interstitial ads. We’re also going to learn how to integrate reward based video ads.

With each topic we’re going to go in depth, meaning we’re not only teaching you how to implement these ads, we’re also going to walk you through the entire registration and setting up process for each of the networks.

Afterwards we’re going to teach you about In App Purchases which is another great way of monetizing your application.
Therefore we’re going to implement consumables as well as non-consumables with the help of iTunes Connect and then test it inside an example application.

During all of the chapters of this course all of the resources we’ll use are going to be available for download. Furthermore we’re going to give you cheat sheets and links to additional information and material, to help you really understand each concept and become proficient.

In the last chapter of the course, we’re going to touch on other monetization models such as paid apps.

If you’re interested in this course you should’ve already worked with Swift and iOS, since we’re not going to be explaining the language’s basics. We’re going to be working directly with code. Another requirement is that you need to have a developer’s account at apple if you’re interested in creating in App Purchases. If you don’t have a developer’s account you can of course still watch the video, but if you really want to implement it into your application you’ll need an account.

You’ve worked hard on your applications and now it’s time that it pays off. So join this course about monetization and learn everything you need to become a paid iOS Developer.

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