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Introduction to Raw Vegan Food, A Guide For Beginners

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  • Norma Strang via Udemy
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This is an introductory level course that is suitable for all the vegan beginners out there who wish to live a healthy life by introducing raw vegan foods into their lives. With this course, they will understand all the wholesome benefits of eating raw vegan foods, what type of products to be bought as a vegan, what types of food are unhealthy and has to be removed from one’s fridge, for how long do the seeds and nuts need to be soaked in water, how to use a food processor, a dehydrator and other appliances properly, how to store nuts, vegetables and fruits for a long time without getting them to rot and much more will be learned from this course. So we can say that this course is a complete guide for beginners to understand the whole process of how to cook as a vegan and what are the do’s and don’ts here. So take this course now and start learning from a world-class chef today.


  • Understand the incredible benefits of eating Raw, Vegan Foods.
  • Have a greater awareness of veganism and why it leads to a healther body and planet.
  • Shop like a chef and know which products to buy.
  • Prioritize your equipment without breaking the bank.
  • Learn chef tips on how to store nuts, vegetables and fruits.
  • Clean out your pantry & fridge of unhealthy foods.
  • Become an expert at planning your food week.
  • Know how, why and for how long to soak seeds and nuts.
  • Learn all about ‘Superfoods”, their amazing health benefits and how to introduce them into your diet.
  • Learn how to use a Vitamix, food processor, dehydrator and spiraliser.
  • Learn 10 great Raw Vegan Recipes.

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