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Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics

Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics
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      • Taught by: Gaurav Raina, a faculty member in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.
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What is common between the motion of planets, mechanical vibrations, chemical oscillators, biological rhythms and love affairs? They can all be modelled as dynamical systems, and more often than not these systems are nonlinear!

This course is an introduction to nonlinear dynamics.  The style of the lectures will be friendly: we will focus on geometric intuition and examples, rather than on rigorous proofs and abstract algebra. Also, the concepts will be illustrated by application to science and engineering. The theory will be developed systematically. We will cover 1 and 2 dimensional flows, with a focus on stability and bifurcations. 

Intended audience

Undergraduate and beginning postgraduates in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering

Basic calculus and lots of enthusiasm!

Teaching Assistants

The lecturer gratefully acknowledges Gopal, Sreelakshmi, Debayani and Shanmughapriya for helping with this course.

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