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Introducción a la Ingeniería del Helicóptero

Introducción a la Ingeniería del Helicóptero
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    • Taught by: Miguel A. Barcala, Ángel A. Rodríguez-Sevillano
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Online Course Details:

The course provides an introduction of the applied knowledge of aerodynamics, Aero-mechanics, flight mechanics, structure and engineering of helicopter systems, which allows to identify and solve problems applying, with creativity, the knowledge acquired to finalize with the application of knowledge to the Analysis of a preliminary design of a helicopter. 

The course provides an overview of applied knowledge of aerodynamics, aeromechanics, flight mechanics, structures and engineering of helicopter systems. The objective of this brief description is to acquire the skills and capabilities to identify and solve elementary problems of preliminary design of a helicopter.

The need to know the aerospace vehicles and their flight systems requires the adequate knowledge and applied to the Engineering of the different methods of calculation and design in the aerospace field; the use of aerodynamic experimentation and the most significant parameters in the theoretical application; the approach to the experimental techniques, equipment and measuring instruments of the discipline; the simulation, design, analysis and interpretation of experimentation and flight operations; aircraft maintenance and certification systems.

These needs are addressed in various ways in the aerospace sector depending on whether it is a spacecraft, a fixed wing aircraft and a rotary wing aircraft. It is the latter that centers the objective of this introductory course towards more extensive knowledge in the course of master’s or specialization.

What you’ll learn

  • Knowledge and understanding of the different types of rotary wing aircraft and their characteristics
  • Knowledge and understanding of the general configuration of helicopters and their main systems and characteristics
  • Knowledge and elementary understanding of the phenomenology and aerodynamics of rotors
  • Knowledge of the theories that allow the basic calculation of the actions of a helicopter in its different flight regimes
  • Knowledge, understanding and application, in a basic way, of the actions and maneuvers of helicopters
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