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HVAC & Refrigeration Fundamentals


A primer for the HVAC & Refrigeration PE Exam

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What You will Learn?

  • Size a heating or cooling system
  • Understand the refrigeration cycle
  • Determine fresh air requirements
  • Read the psychrometric chart
  • Describe the roles of chillers, cooling towers, and terminal equipment
  • Solve for friction loss in a water system
  • Distinguish laminar and turbulent flow
  • Use Bernoulli’s equation
  • Understand pumps and turbines
  • Look up values in the steam tables
  • Apply the first law of Thermodyamics
  • Name and recognize the basic properties of a substance
  • Approach a variety of heat transfer applications
  • Analyze heat exchangers
  • How to prepare for and pass the Mechanical PE Exam!

Online Course Description:

Hi, I’m Dan.  I took the Mechanical HVAC & Refrigeration exam in October 2014 and successfully earned my P.E. licence.

I studied for nearly 200 hours.  Evenings, weekends, business trips, even on vacation. Now I’m organizing the information into videos to help future candidates save time and stress.

This course is what I wish I’d found when preparing.

In under 5 hours learn everything you need to know before you start studying so you can make the best use of your time and go directly into the most important concepts.  I’ve curated the topic list based on hundreds of worked problems in my free YouTube videos.  This course gives you the context you may have lost since graduating college and restores your foundation so you can dive in with confidence and create a foolproof study plan right from the outset.


You are the man!! Loving these videos. Already gone through the chapters and practice problems from the MERM. This is a great way to recall tables, formulas, methods before the big test day!  — Casey

Hello Dan, I’ve been watching your videos and really find them helpful as I’m studying for the PE, thank you very much for taking the time to set all of this up….  — Christian

Dan you rock. I used to look up the equation w/o truly understanding which is not ideal. Now I understand what is going on.  Your style is very well thought-out and easy to follow.  Thank you so much.                    — bbmeme2010

I took the Mechanical HVAC & Refrigeration exam this past April and recently found out that I successfully earned my P.E. licence. My studying consisted of studying from the MERM, the NCEES practice exam and reviewing problems with your extensive youtube solutions series. I think working on problems in conjuction with your series was extremely helpful. This is a great resource I now share with everyone I know taking the exam. I just want to thank you for putting it together!  — Alfred


Hello! First of all, thank you so much for these videos. I am using your entire series to study for the exam. — Troy

Thought I would let you know, just found out I PASSED!!  Pretty stoked right now as I was having major doubts.  The absolute worst part of this is the wait AFTER the exam!  Appreciate your help and your videos actually really helped — Scott

Wow, can’t stop watching your videos, thanks so much for making them. — Eric

Awesome. Always uploaded the same time everyday. Appreciate the consistency. I passed the PE with the help of your videos, October 2016. — W

Thank you for taking the time to review all of these problems. I bought the book as well so that I would have it to reference during the test. But seeing you walk through each problem was very helpful.       — Brian

I watched all of you videos twice.  I passed the April 2017 HVAC exam and I thought the exam was very easy thanks to you.  I was over prepared!  — Keith

Just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into these videos. 

I   received my PASS result for the April 2017 HVAC&R PE exam due in no small part to your channel. In the beginning of my preparation I was very overwhelmed and even questioned on whether I should reschedule or not since I waited too long to start studying.  Sat down one Saturday and just started doing the problems with you. Your playlist and insight on problem solving is what catapulted my studying into a good groove and gave me the confidence to go out and do as many problems I could get my hands on for practice. I know I’m not the only you’ve helped so I’m sure I speak for everyone, even those that watched perhaps only one video..Thank You! — Lester

Who is the target audience?
  • Aspiring Professional Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineering Students
  • Project Managers, Architects, and other professionals that work with engineers or mechanical contractors
  • Anyone interested in learning about HVAC & Refrigeration Systems

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