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Happy, Angry, Awed: Drawing Faces for Webcomics

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In this 40-minute class, what you will be taught is how you can translate the range of human expressions into cartoon drawings. The instructor is going to demonstrate happy, sad, tired, angry, and infatuated characters using different exercise and drawing processes. You will start with the basics of each expression and then how to draw each expression will be taught next. Similarly, breaking down how to merge each expression with your comic to create a full character in your work will also be taught. Upon completing this class, you would have developed a variety of skills. These are relevant to design, drawing, comics, creative, comic art, webcomics, and more.

Illustrating facial expressions in comic art is an essential skill and the best way to drive home your punchline. In this 40-minute class, Owl Turd cartoonist Shen shows you how to translate the range of human expressions into cartoon drawings.

Follow along as Shen demonstrates happy, sad, angry, tired, and infatuated in some of his own characters, using his favorite exercises and drawing processes. He starts with the basics of each expression, explains how to demonstrate each one through drawing, and breaks down how to merge each expression with your comic to create full-on characters in your work.

Plus, he shares additional insights on understanding context for your comics, changing the magnitude of expression between frames, and wrapping up a cohesive narrative with these expressions. Happy drawing!

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