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Gear and Gear Unit Design : Theory and Practice

Gear and Gear Unit Design Theory and Practice
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Over and above the outline of gear design that are taught in undergraduate and postgraduate levels through the basic course of design of Machine Elements or specialized course Mechanical Drives, detail aspects of practical design in industries will be focused. The course would help to fill the gap the knowledge at graduation and step into producing the detail design and drawing of gear units in Industries. The course is developed based on long time research, teaching and working in industries in this area.


  • It may be considered as a part of UG Core Course‐ Design of Machine Elements,but in a rigorous way.
  • Mostly suitable for UG (Senior Level) and PG engineering students of Mechanical Engineering/Aeronautical Engg./Automobile Engg./Agricultural (Machinery) Engg./Mining (Machinery) Engg.


  • Prior knowledge of general mechanics, theory of machines and solid mechanics

CORE/ELECTIVE: Core / Elective

UG/PG : UG (Also suitable for PG first year)


  • Industries designing/manufacturing gears and gear units, and machines involving gears, such as earth moving & construction machineries, conveying and elevating equipments, automobiles, aircrafts, machine tools etc., would recognize this online course.
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