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Gain your Reiki Level 1 Certification in less than a day!

Gain your Reiki Level 1 Certification in less than a day!

Give yourself the best foundation possible with this comprehensive Reiki Level 1 course!

  • Created by Rosemary Owen
  • 4,524 + students enrolled
  • 528 Review available
  • 38 mins on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 days Money back guarantee

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What You will Learn?

  • Lectures, Fully detailed manuals and bonus material.
  • Ability to use Reiki as a healing and self improvement system.
  • Gain a thorough understanding as to the origins of Reiki and how they can benefit people’s lives.
  • Learn how to perform Reiki treatments on yourself and others.
  • Understand what items you can incorporate in order to gain the most from a Reiki session.
  • Obtain your Reiki Level 1 Certification for FREE!

Online Course Description:

This course is designed to introduce you to Reiki, a phenomenal energy which has been used for many centuries, throughout the world, as a healing technique. It is used to realign mental, physical and emotional imbalances.The course is split into unique, easy to follow parts covering Reiki Level I which has been written with the absolute beginner in mind.

The course covers such topics as the Origins of Reiki, the Benefits of Reiki treatment and the Correct positions required for a Reiki treatment. You will also learn about receiving Universal Energy.

The course includes in-depth manuals covering all aspects of the course plus special edition videos, which guide you through the Attunement process.

On completion of this level you will receive a distant Attunement followed by the relevant certificate from your Reiki Master.

Why should someone choose this course?

This Reiki course allows you to gain an indepth understanding and grounded foundation covering Reiki Level 1, which can be completed at your own pace, working around your day to day commitments.

The Reiki knowledge you will gain from this course will allow you to understand how you would be able to not only help yourself but also friends and family through the power of Reiki.

Upon completion, you will also be the correct level to progress to become a Reiki practitioner through the Reiki Teacher Qualification offered. You will gain further knowledge into the more advanced techniques used within Reiki to use it to it’s full potential, in addition to understanding how you can run your own ‘paid for’ Reiki sessions as a source of income through helping others.

So why not start your journey today!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with an interest in holistic therapy will benefit greatly from this course. This course has been written to teach Reiki to all types of individuals, from beginners all the way through to the Reiki Master.

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