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Functional Programming in Scala Capstone

Functional Programming in Scala Capstonessa

In the final capstone project you will apply the skills you learned by building a large data-intensive application using real-world data.

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  • weeks long
  • 4-5 hours per week
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  • Taught by: Dr. Julien Richard-Foy, Computer Scientist
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Online Course Details:

You will implement a complete application processing several gigabytes of data. This application will show interactive visualizations of the evolution of temperatures over time all over the world.

The development of such an application will involve:

— transforming data provided by weather stations into meaningful information like, for instance, the average temperature of each point of the globe over the last ten years ;
— then, making images from this information by using spatial and linear interpolation techniques ;
— finally, implementing how the user interface will react to users’ actions.


  • Scala Programming
  • Parallel Computing
  • Apache Spark
  • Functional Programming

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