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FL Studio Synthesis Master Class

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As we know that FL Studio is the world’s most popular DAW and it is very important to learn everything about it in the most effective possible manner. In this class, you will get to understand everything about using FL studio and take your electronic music to the next level. The Fl Studio Tutorial instructor will first introduce you to different high-level synthesis concepts. Then you will get to understand all its principles and applications in detail. Similarly, the instructor will also show you different ways to tackle common electronic sound design challenges. Going further, you will learn about the four major types of synthesis. These are subtractive, FM, additive, and wavetable. Moreover, the FL Studio tutorial instructor will guide you through familiar sounds in electronic music. You might also be interested in related Fl Studio courses click here.


  • Waveform Basics
  • Filters and Subtractive Synthesis
  • Compressorless Compression
  • Compression Controls
  • Waveshaper, Maximus and Neuro Bass
  • Compression Q and A
  • Granualizers
  • Phase Cancellation & Additive Synthesis
  • Creating a Super Saw in Harmor
  • Additive Synthesis Q and A
  • Producing and Layering A Track with Harmor
  • Producing Drums in FL Studio
  • Producing Leads Synth in FL Studio
  • Leads Q and A
  • FM Synthesis Basics
  • FM Synthesis Sound Design
  • FM Synthesis In Detail
  • Vocoding Basics
  • Vocoding Q and A
  • Sound Design Requests Part 1
  • Sound Design Requests Part 2
  • Synthesis is Not that Hard!
  • Final Q and A

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