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Financial Market Analysis

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  • IMF (International Monetary Fund) via edX
  • 70 hours of effort required
  • 48,962+ already enrolled!
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
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This FRM course from edX will give all of the information needed to pass the FRM Certification Exam in just one go. The learner will acquire knowledge of different types of bonds, the calculation of bond yields and its comparison across the different types of instruments. Not only this, but they’ll also learn term structure of interest rates, fundamentals of a firm along with their application, and insights to an investors’ decisions etc. On the fulfilment of the course, the learner will be capable of; classifying different basic fix income securities, pricing the nature of financial assets, measuring, comparing different yield measures for the monetary asset, constructing an optimal portfolio of risky assets, calculating value at risk (VaR), Stressed VaR, and expected shortfall to asses market risks, and much more. This FRM course overall works with the investigation of the basics of financiers that are fundamental for the financial backers and policymakers. This course will help you to get prepared for the practical aspects of the Financial Marke. You might also be interested in related FRM courses click here.


  • Identify different types of basic fixed–income securities and the markets in which they are traded.
  • How to price a variety of financial assets: money market instruments, bonds, and equities.
  • How to measure and compare different yield measures for financial assets.
  • Relate differences in the valuation of single equities or markets with economic fundamentals.
  • How to construct an optimal portfolio of risky assets using historical return data, and assess likely changes in its composition as a result of changes in macroeconomic conditions.
  • How to assess the market risk of an investment by calculating its Value at Risk (VaR), Stressed VaR, and Expected Shortfall.

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