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Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles

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  • Harvard University via edX
  • 4 weeks( 2-3 hours weekly) of effort required
  • 165,743+ already enrolled!
  • Course Type: Self-paced
  • Skill Level: Introductory

The world is changing every day and people need to be adaptive to the changes around them to tackle the problems. And in order to steer your family away from problems, one must have the best leadership qualities in him.  This course will help you identify and solve complex problems. And will help you to explore strategies that will help you in challenging times. This course also contains topics that will help you in understanding and solving complex problems. It will also teach you ways to approach a conflict and to solve issues. This course will also help you in making you pro-active, think politically and teach you to build trust of others in you. In short it will help you in making yourself a stronger person and a good leader. The need for leadership that can mobilize people to meet these challenges and improve life is critical.


In this short introductory course, you will discover a diagnostic-and-action process for exercising leadership that explores the following foundational principles and strategies:

  • How to identify and unbundle complex challenges
  • How to understand the role of formal and informal authority
  • How to identify the key perspectives of stakeholders
  • How to build and renew trust relationships
  • How to approach conflict
  • How to implement personal strategies for surviving and thriving amidst change


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