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EFT / TFT Master Practitioner Certification (ACCREDITED)

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  • Graham Nicholls via Udemy
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With this next level EFT TFT Class, you can become an expert in keeping yourself away from all the negative thoughts. Not only yourself, but you can also give guidance to others as to how they can stay positive and learn to calm their mind and body. Through this course, you can discover the TFT/EFT patterns that will help you spread positivity. With that, you will also uncover the deeper techniques of TFT and EFT. On one side, the EFT and TFT course can help you become optimistic, on the other side it will also help your body and mind to learn to stay serene. With all this, the course also has an additional bonus section on pain relief which is the personal experience of the instructor himself and where he has developed a pattern on his own using EFT and TFT. You might also be interested in related EFT TFT courses click here.


  • Help yourself and others to overcome negative emotional states with EFT and TFT.
  • Uncover the deeper levels of helping that EFT and TFT can provide.
  • Discover advanced EFT & TFT patterns that will help you make positive change.
  • Learn how to combine other helping disciplines with EFT to ensure you are the most effective Practitioner you can be.
  • PLUS – you’ll get an additional bonus section on Pain Relief that has come from my personal experience and is a pattern I developed using EFT & TFT.
  • PLUS – you get a full audio version of this EFT course so that you can listen to the lessons anywhere.

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