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EFT Tapping 4 – Weight Loss, Improved Body Image, No Dieting

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  • Cha~zay Sandhriel Ph.D. via Udemy
  • 1,718 already enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (231 Ratings)

Are you the type of person who is conscious of having the perfect body? If yes, then this course is what you need. Taking this course will train you to eat all the healthy foods which otherwise you wouldn’t eat normally. Not just that, you will also understand how you can let go of destructive behaviour and start loving yourself. In spite of everything the course offers, it also provides several printable handouts that will help you measure your progress throughout. All you need is a glass of water ready and some undisturbed time to do the EFT exercises. With just a little determination and the willingness to lose weight, you will actually be able to lose weight without even being on a diet in no time. You will be able to eat healthy while not putting on unnecessary fats. You might also be interested in related EFT TFT courses click here.


  • Use EFT to tap away any blockages that prevent you from choosing foods that are healthy for you (lose interest in foods that are not beneficial for you).
  • Apply EFT techniques to helping you love what is good for you (let go of destructive behavior).
  • Truly and genuinely love your body temple with EFT, no matter the shape or size of your body.
  • Learn healthy self-esteem and let go of self-detrimental thoughts and behaviors, using EFT tapping techniques.
  • Printable handouts to help you measure your success along the way.

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