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Diploma in Mobile App Development

Diploma in Mobile App Development

Learn the practical skills for creating, designing & developing Mobile Applications in 4 weeks

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  • 6,87,874 successful Graduates
  • 8 Interactive Lessons
  • 4 weeks long
  • 8 Hours +
  • EQF (European Qualification Framework) Level 5
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Diploma Online Course Details:

Do you think Mobile is the future? Do you want to find success in your Apps? Do you want to be involved with Development? Whether you are looking to take up a typing-intensive hobby or start making profits, this course is for you. For all who appreciate that Mobile is continuing to grow and create opportunities, you can make it happen so register now to get started.

Lesson 1 : Why make Mobile Apps?

Learn the process of mobile app creation, from beginning to end. In this course, you will learn all the steps that are necessary to go from the “big idea” to App Store success. We will show you exactly what a viable app idea entails and get you started on developing your app.

Lesson 2 :Who is your Audience?
Do you know exactly who your users are? What are they doing? How will they use your app? When will they open it? In this lesson, you will learn to understand your target audience and create a successful design for your app.
Lesson 3 :Coding for Beginners
Picking your programming language can be one of the most critical decisions when developing an app. It is crucial to understand what level of coding expertise you will need to create your app from start to finish. This lesson will guide you through the options available to you.
Lesson 4 :The Development Lifecycle

App creation is simple, but that does not mean that it is easy. To create successful apps, we need to keep it simple. We will get you started with your app idea and you will learn to iterate through the development process until you have your MVP.

Lesson 5 :Storing Data with Apps

Does your App remember things well? Does it store sensitive information or simply just preferences from your Users? To make the most out of your App, you’ll need to add a Database to the App and ensure the information is secure.

Lesson 6 :Making Money in Mobile

Getting to the Final Stages of Development is great but what then? You need to understand your options to make money with your app. Do you know how money is made in Mobile? One of the biggest mistakes any developer can make is not thinking ahead once you have completed your app. You will learn the various revenue models used by Developers to make your app a success before releasing it worldwide. You will learn to add value & monetize your app in a fun & exciting way.

Lesson 7 :Development Analysis

In lesson 7, you will gain the skills to gather data and understand how this data is used to drive revenue from your app. Every success needs to be measured to understand where we have performed and what we can improve upon. Understanding the Development Tools used by professionals in the industry will help you to achieve your goals.

Lesson 8 :Publishing your App
In Mobile App Development, it is crucial that you have a clear path to success by the time your app is ready to be distributed worldwide. In this lesson, you will learn about ASO (App Store Optimization) to promote your App and what to know before publishing your app. Our focus will then shift to your strategy for obtaining new users and holding on to your best customers so that if they remain with you, you will start to increase your profits.

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