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Data Engineering, Big Data, and Machine Learning on GCP Specialization

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  • Google Cloud via Coursera
  • 120 hours of effort required
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With this Best Google Digital Garage course, learners will be able to launch their careers in data engineering. The course has a complete set of instructions that will help learners understand how they can process big data at scale for analytics and machine learning, what are the fundamentals behind building new machine learning models, how to create streaming data pipelines and dashboards, and much more. So make up your mind and take this course now.


  • Identify the purpose and value of the key Big Data and Machine Learning products in Google Cloud.
  • Use Cloud SQL and Dataproc to migrate existing MySQL and Hadoop/Pig/Spark/Hive workloads to Google Cloud.
  • Employ BigQuery to carry out interactive data analysis.
  • Choose between different data processing products on Google Cloud.

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