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CS For All: Introduction to Computer Science and Python Programming

CS For All Introduction to Computer Science and Python Programming

A fun, fast-paced introduction to solving interesting problems with computer science through Python programming.

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  • 14 weeks long
  • 5-7 hours per week
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  • Self-Paced
  • Taught by: Zachary Dodds, Professor, Computer Science
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Online Course Details:

Looking to get started with computer science while learning to program in Python?

This computer science  course provides an introduction to computer science that’s both challenging and fun. It takes a broad look at the field of computer science through a variety of demonstrations and projects. We’ll cover both low- and high-level concepts, from how the circuits inside a computer represent data to how to design algorithms, as well as how all of this information affects the technology we use today. Additionally, we’ll teach the basics of Python programming, giving us a a way to put our new CS knowledge into practice.

No need to know any programming before starting the course; we’ll teach everything you need to know along the way. All you need to start is a good grasp of algebra, and you can fall in love with both the concepts and the practice of computer science.

What you’ll learn

  • Basic Python Programming
  • Design, implementation, documentation, and testing skills
  • Strategies for solving computational problems
  • Applications of CS in society and real world context

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