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Create a Web App with React, MongoDB, Express, and Nodejs

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This course aims to show you how you can create a web app using the MERN stack. We would say this course is a great choice if you want to learn all these technologies not in months, or days, but in a few hours. The video tutorial of the course is split into small videos and the instructor of this course has tried to make all the videos very easy to understand. Different topics are covered in this course like how to set up React from scratch using Webpack. Then, you will learn to make a connection to MongoDB with Mode.js and Express. Similarly, you will also learn to create a model with Mongoose


  • Setting up React from scratch by using Webpack
  • Making a connection to MongoDB with Nodejs and Express
  • Creating a Model with Mongoose
  • Handling forms with React
  • Styling React app with React-Bootstrap
  • Creating a Router
  • Bundling code with React
  • Creating a REST API from scratch
  • Using Javascript Promises

And much more…

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