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Create 2D video game art with Inkscape

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Are you that person who has a great interest in game art and want to create your own custom graphics? These Best inkscape tutorials are what you need in such a case. The course is filled with such learning content that will help you learn Inkscape that is a free design program. With the help of Inkscape tutorials, you will be able to create all the game art you need for creating a 2D mobile game. Inkscape being a vector graphics program, your game assets will be scalable and highly versatile. This means that you only need to create them once and then you can use them on any device and any resolution as well.


If you have a good game idea, and you want to create your own custom graphics, this course is for you!

You will learn Inkscape, a free design program, and create all the game art you need to create a 2d mobile game! And why stop there?

As Inkscape is a vector graphics program, your game assets will be scalable and higly versatile. Create them once and use them on any device and any resolution! From Android and iPhones to desktop computers.

What we will create:

  • Hearts and stars
  • Platforms
  • Buttons
  • Characters
  • Animations
  • Backgrounds
  • Monster Trucks

And while creating useful game art, you also learn all about Inkscape! Join the course and

  • Create characters, platforms, buttons and simple animations for your mobile game!
  • Create quality game graphics, that can sell on online marketplaces!
  • Create 2d game graphics suitable for Yoyo games Game Maker, Gamesalad, Unity 2D or any other program!
  • Use the free design tool Inkscape and create much more than just game art

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