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Trivera Technologies is a IT education services & courseware firm that offers a range of wide professional technical education services including: end to end IT training development and delivery, skills-based mentoring programs,new hire training and re-skilling services, courseware licensing and development services and corporate learning and vendor management services.

We teach students of all experience levels everything related to designing,developing, coding, testing, securing, administering and maintaining software, web and mobile applications, and the IT and business services and tools that surround, support and manage those efforts.

We support the educational needs of  groups of any size, from small teams who might need one-time learning events, to developing and delivering scalable, role or skills-based training plans for large scale, long-term enterprise-wide learning initiatives.

Our leading-edge learning solutions are robust, flexible, easily customizable and cost-effective. We collaborate closely with our clients to develop focused, skills-based programs that focus on what they really need to learn, based on true skills-goals and roles. Our focus is to ensure that our students gain the skills they need to be effective in their job or project, right after the training ends.


Trivera has been on the forefront of technology training since 1995 and we continue to lead the way with a full portfolio of leading-edge technology courses and services for technical specialists, developers and IT business teams. We are transforming training course delivery for the digital age where web and applications skills, expansive IT infrastructure knowledge and mission critical data management and software expertise is essential to enterprise growth.


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