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Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract

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As the name gives away, this course helps the students to understand the dynamics of a contract and how a law works to make sure that a contract is fulfilled. And what happens when a contract is broken. Not only that, this course also goes in depth of how a contract works. It will also tell the students that when does a law does not honor a contract. And whether one party is at fault or the other one or both. It also covers the ways in which the contract breaking party must be penalized. This course also uses case studies involving real life problems based on legal relations, legality and morality, and the distinction between gifts and bargains to help the students better understand the concept of a contract.


  • A theoretical background of contracts, trust, and promise.
  • How to form contracts through valid offer and acceptance.
  • Limits to enforcing contracts.
  • Issues excusing contractual performance.
  • Available remedies for contractual breaches.
  • Third parties’ ability to enforce contracts.
  • The limitations of contract law.
  • How courts interpret contracts.
  • Relationship of Contracts to Agency, Partnership, Corporations and Regulation.
  • How to read through contracts to apply these key concepts and understand potential issues and outcomes.Take This Online Course

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