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Computer Network and Security Foundations

Course Highlights
  • Western Governors University via edX
  • 80 hours of effort required
  • 9,196+ already enrolled!
  • Skill Level: Introductory

A complete introduction to the components of a computer network that will help you understand all the concepts and roles in a computer network. The course is designed so as to uncover widely used categorical classifications of networks. With that, you will also learn about network topologies, physical devices, layered abstractions, etc. Similarly, moving further with the course, you will get an introduction to various concepts of security, covering different vulnerabilities of networks. Furthermore, what are mitigation techniques, understanding the security of physical media, and security policies?


  • The basic concepts essential to networking.
  • The functional and technical components of network systems.
  • The basic security concepts associated with networks.

The course also contains a detailed discussion of the essentials for implementing modern computer networks. Furthermore, you will be taken through various networking technologies. In addition, the course will also introduce you to different concepts and practices related to network security vulnerabilities and threats. So, understand all about the policies and procedures that are related to security management and much more through this course.

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