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Captivate Your Audience With Transformational Storytelling

Captivate Your Audience With Transformational Storytelling

Discover How The Worlds Greatest Communicators Use Story & NLP Metaphors to Transform Their Audiences Perspective.

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What You will Learn?

  • Understand the psychology of storytelling.
  • Know how to comfortably manage awkward questions and interruptions.
  • Communicate more effectively in both your personal and professional relationships.
  • Develop your stories so that they’re more enjoyable to tell, and more enjoyable to hear.
  • Present thought proviking and life changing stories to individuals and groups of all ages.
  • Understand practical methods for building, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention.
  • Share your greatest life learnings with other people in an enlightening and interesting way.
  • Transform your ability to positively influence your employees, your children, your audience and others.

Online Course Description:

Every day we are bombarded with stories, be it through literature, films or merely gossip. Stories drive our very existence and enable us to imagine the future. We’re not necessarily talking about folk tales or fables here, were talking more about the metaphors that transform peoples lives.The tradition of telling stories is as old as language itself, and throughout the ages has been used to communicate wisdom and understanding from one generation of people to another.

This course is designed as an aid for those who tell stories to teach and positively influence others.

A wise man once said that, If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten! ‘Inspire Your Audience With Transformational Storytelling’ begins by breaking down storytelling’s secret underpinnings, hidden meanings and exploring the dynamic relationship between you, the story & your intended audience.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Use More Expressive & Emotional Language in Your Storytelling.
  • Communicate Your Life’s Experiences in the Form of Stories.
  • Understand & Engage With Your Audience in a More Intimate Way.
  • Tell Thought Provoking Stories That Win Peoples Hearts & Minds.
  • Develop Your Imagination and Your Core Communication Skills.
  • Improvise for Engaging Your Intended Audience With Greater Ease.
  • Inspire Your Audience With Transformational Storytelling.

Throughout the course, you’ll discover easy-to-follow methods for building, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention. You’ll acquire easy-to-use techniques for finding, selecting, and preparing your stories/metaphors whether they are your real-life experiences, ones you have heard in the past, or re-delivered stories that you take from this course.

Whether you wish to sharpen your storytelling abilities in the boardroom, at bedtime, in the classroom or even in a therapeutic environment, ‘Inspire Your Audience With Transformational Storytelling’ has some actionable solutions. Although the context in which you tell your stories may change, these timeless methods will always remain the same.

This course comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and is a treat for the heart & minds of those who are new to metaphor/storytelling, & even for those who want to be reminded of the basics.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is not so much a writer’s course (with 1-2-3 steps as a way to fulfil a publishing editor’s formula) but is more intended for those who want to use stories to influence positively through oral communications.
  • Even if you never plan to communicate in front of a large audience, knowing how to craft and deliver an engaging story allows you to enhance your everyday communications – to your children at bedtime, in your daily conversations, or even in your presentations at work.
  • This course is suitable for those with no teaching or storytelling experience – through to those who regularly deliver presentations to audiences of various sizes.
  • This course will be of great interest to all business professionals who want to improve their communication skills, and to any learner who is about to enter the world of business and wants to develop an engaging and responsive communication style.
  • Teachers, social workers, parents, life coaches, therapists, hypnotists or anyone who wants to influence other people more effectively will benefit from the lessons in this course.
  • This course has not been designed as an aid or inspiration for fiction writers or tellers of fables.

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