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Build Microservices with .NET Core 3.x & Amazon Web Services

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In this course, we try to be more specific and avoid being too generic by focusing on .NET CORE/.NET 5 and Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services has improved massively in the past year or so by introducing plenty of services that cater to Microservice-based applications, and so it is a great choice for our course.

To master implementing Microservices we will build an ASP.NET CORE project called “Web Advertisements”. It will be based on Microservice patterns and will use Amazon Web services for security, messaging, storage, service discovery and so forth. I will code the project in the course so you will see how a Microservice is built, line by line!


  • Performing architecture of a system based on Microservices
  • Using AWS Cognito for adding Authetnicaiton to a website
  • Sharing Models between Microservices and Microservice Clients
  • Eventual Consistency Pattern
  • Adding Health Checks to Microservices
  • Deploying Microservices to Amazon EC2 instances using AWS Code Deploy
  • Building resilient APIs using HttpClientFactory
  • Exponential Back Off and Circuit Breaker Patterns
  • Using Domain Driven Design in designing Microservices
  • Command and Query Segregation Pattern (CQRS)
  • Messaging and Event Driven Microservices in AWS
  • Creating a Command handler Microservices with AWS Lambda and AWS SNS
  • Designing and building a logging system for Microservices in AWS
  • Using API Gateway pattern as a reverse proxy for private APIs
  • Using API Gateway pattern as an API aggregator
  • Using API Gateway and AWS Cognito to protect Microservice APIs
  • Using Token Authentication and Json Web Token (Jwt) with AWS Cognito to protect mobile and web clients
  • Use Swagger for dynamically describe the Microservice capabilities
  • Using AWS Cloud Map for Service Discovery
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery for Microservices
  • Building and deploying Microservices using Docker and AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • Implementing monitoring for Microservices
  • Resources and next steps

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