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Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Ethics

University of California Davis

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  • UC Davis via Coursera
  • 12 hours of effort required
  • 16,420+ already enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (293 Ratings)

From the list of UC Davis Course Catalog, This course gives you setting and direct involvement in the two significant catalyzers of the computational science transformation: large information and man-made brainpower. With over 99% of all intervened data in advanced organization and with 98% of the total populace utilizing computerized innovation, humankind creates an amazing computerized impression. In principle, this gives extraordinary occasions to comprehend and shape society. By and by, the lone way this data storm can be handled is through utilizing the very advanced innovations that created it. Information is the fuel, yet AI is the engine to extricate astounding new information from vast measures of information.


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