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10 Best DaVinci Resolve Tutorial & Courses 2020

10 Best DaVinci Resolve Tutorial & Courses 2020

DaVinci Resolve is known to be a color correction and a non-linear editing application. This application can be easily used for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. So to learn what this is and how it can be used, a group of 5+ members at takthiscourse.net have managed to compile a list of 10 best Davinci Resolve tutorials and courses for 2020.

Our experts have enlisted DaVinci Resolve Online Courses for you to learn from.

  1. Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16: Beginner to Advanced 
  2. DaVinci Resolve 16 – The Complete Video Editing Course
  3. Color Grading with Da Vinci Resolve: Beginner to Advanced
  4. Guide to DaVinci Resolve 16 Video Editing
  5. Video Editing using DaVinci Resolve
  6. Faster, much faster: Set up Davinci Resolve 16 to RUN LIKE A BEAST
  7. Complete Color Grading & Color Correction in DaVinci Resolve
  8. DaVinci Resolve Course and Training
  9. DaVinci Resolve 16 Training
  10. DaVinci Resolve 16 (Free editing software) Video Editing for BEGINNERS

List of Best DaVinci Resolve Tutorial 2020:

saveVideo Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16: Beginner to Advanced

      • Louay Zambarakji via Udemy
      • 5,133+ already enrolled!
      • 4.6 (1,779 Ratings)

An engaging, fun yet challenging course this is that can help you learn all about video editing in DaVinci Resolve(DR) 16. With a variety of features like color correction, color grading, and visual effects, you can learn all about DR. You will learn to cut pages, do quick and easy video editing in this course. Similarly, how you can add effects to your videos and add motion as well is also the plan. Moreover, you will also be taught different techniques to correctly use curves, color wheels, qualifiers, power windows, and much more.

saveDaVinci Resolve 16 – The Complete Video Editing Course

      • Phil Ebiner, Kashif A., Video School Online Inc via Udemy
      • 23,578+ already enrolled!
      • 4.4 (1,160 Ratings)

This is a course that aims to teach you how you can edit an entire video from start to end in DR. The instructor is going to explain professional and efficient techniques in DaVinci Resolve that will serve the purpose. By the end of the course, you will be able to even edit a short documentary on your own using the techniques taught here. Similarly, you will learn to edit videos and make them more dynamic using different features. Moreover, you will also learn to export and save your videos for HD playback and much more.

Free Online Courses with Certificates

saveColor Grading with Da Vinci Resolve: Beginner to Advanced

      • Matthew Falconer via Udemy
      • 6,563+ already enrolled!
      • 4.4 (1,076 Ratings)

Are you a beginner who is in search of different ways to learn all about DaVinci Resolve and how to use it? Or a professional who wants to enhance his skills? You need this course in either case. With the help of the learning material available in the course, you will become a professional in no time. Using hands-on projects and guidance, you will take a grading project right from the start. And take it to the finish line in a professional standard. Moreover, you will also become capable of guiding others through the color grading workflow. Thus this and much more can be learned from this course.

saveGuide to DaVinci Resolve 16 Video Editing

      • Christopher Navarre via Skillshare
      • 2,877+ already enrolled!
      • 4.0 (15 Ratings)

To be able to learn video editing with the help of the latest version of DaVinci Resolve video editor is what this course is about. You will lean to build fusion compositions so as to make custom effects and titles. Furthermore, you can learn to mask video sections to blur or modify areas of your video. This includes editing a person’s face with color page tools. Similarly, you will be creating particle effects like fire and smoke, snowfall and even dissolving an image into a million pieces. With that, you will learn basic color grading and many more things here.

saveVideo Editing using DaVinci Resolve

      • Uri Soglowek via Udemy
      • 1,549+ already enrolled!
      • 4.3 (184 Ratings)

Want to become capable enough to start making videos on your own using DR? If yes, then take this course now to start chasing your dream. In this course, you will learn all the basic editing techniques that are in DaVinci Resolve. Similarly, you will learn to do color grading in a way that is being done in Hollywood. Moreover, other concepts like editing, cutting, blur, and modify specific areas of your video, and many other concepts will be learned.

saveFaster, much faster: Set up Davinci Resolve 16 to RUN LIKE A BEAST

      • Film VFX via Skillshare
      • 974+ already enrolled!
      • 4.4 (25 Ratings)

All the robust techniques that can help you become a professional in the video editing field can be learned from this course. You will learn how you can edit a video, do color grade, and professionally add visual effects. Similarly, you will also learn to do a smooth playback and fast renders even after adding complex color grades and heavy fusion effects. You can, therefore, learn all the proven tips and tricks to become a professional video editor from this course.

saveComplete Color Grading & Color Correction in DaVinci Resolve

      • Kashif A. via Udemy
      • 631+ already enrolled!
      • 4.2 (113 Ratings)

In this masterclass, you will find complete and easy tutorials regarding color grading and correction in DR 15 and 16. You will be taught to start a project with all the right settings for any type of video and from any camera. With that, you will learn to color correct all your videos to fix the white balance and exposure. Similarly, how you can add a feeling to your video with color grading will also be taught by the instructor. What is the right technique to apply visual effects to your videos and many other topics will also be taught.

saveDaVinci Resolve Course and Training

      • via LinkedIn Learning
      • 577+ Short courses
      • Skill Level: Introductory to Advanced
      • 4.5

With a variety of DaVinci Resolve courses and training by LinkedIn Learning, you can make your video stand out easily. Using DR, you can edit videos to give them a Hollywood look. You can learn to edit, color correct, and even render a video without leaving the program from these courses. Similarly, you can also learn to color grade all your projects with DR. The skills that you can learn from these courses and training can take your career as a professional colorist to an advanced level.

saveDaVinci Resolve 16 Training

      • via BlackMagic Design
      • Free Training Videos
      • Skill Level: Introductory

Becoming a certified DaVinci Resolve professional at your ease and pace has never been this easier before. With the help of a curriculum that is perfect for both beginners and professionals, the Blackmagic Design certified training aims to teach you skills to help you become more creative and work faster. The platform has more than 250 certified trainers and 100 training centers. Not just that, the platform also offers a variety of books and dozens of online resources that will all help you become a DR certified editor.

saveDaVinci Resolve 16 (Free editing software) Video Editing for BEGINNERS

      • Alli Saunders via Skillshare
      • 1,385+ already enrolled!
      • 4.4 (50 Ratings)

To all the beginners out there who want to learn to use DaVinci Resolve 16 and understand all its features easily, this class is your answer. You will learn to set up your project manager window and database for the best results. With that, you will also learn to organize and import your footage and all your assets into DaVinci. Moreover, how you can customize aspects of your workspace and use different effects will also be learned. Moreover, other concepts like cutting, trimming, moving, speeding up, and other editing options will be learned as well.

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