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Being Assertive in Appropriate Ways

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Want to be assertive but the right way? Enroll in this class of Robin Hills and learn the best techniques to change your behavior and become less aggressive and more confident. The instructor will make you understand that assertion is not about being an aggressive person. Nor is it about getting things done your way. Instead, it is about standing up for your rights and explain to others about your feelings, thoughts, and needs but in an appropriate way. You will learn to express yourself in a way so that they will listen to you with consideration.


  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Passive behaviour
  • Assertive behaviourThere are some hints, tips and methods that you can use to build your assertion to improve your interactions and relationships with others.Changing your behaviour is NOT easy, especially when you are trying to be more assertive.  People will not necessarily react in positive, supportive ways and you will will have to deal with your emotional responses to this.


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