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Beat the SAT Math

Beat the SAT Math

Topic by topic questions and explanations with proven techniques to raise your score!

Online Course Highlights

  • Created by Mourad Kattan
  • 464  + students enrolled
  • 18  Review available
  • 6.5 Hours on-demand videos
  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • 17 downloadable resources
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What You will Learn?

  • Master the SAT Math Section
  • Learn the techniques & tricks to beat the test

Online Course Description:

“Beat the SAT Math” contains 15 sections, each covering an essential SAT Math topic.

Section 1: Algebraic Techniques

Section 2: Equation Solving

Section 3: Exponents

Section 4: Number Properties

Section 5: Angles

Section 6: Triangles

Section 7: Area & Perimeter

Section 8: 3D Shapes

Section 9: Slopes & Coordinate Geometry

Section 10: Functions

Section 11: Graphs

Section 12: Probability

Section 13: Sequences & Patterns

Section 14: Averages & Percent

Section 15: Test-Taking Tricks

How to use this course:

Step 1: Read the section introduction

Each chapter starts with a written overview of the main ideas, including sample questions explained and key formulas (included in the PDF at the beginning of each section).

Step 2: Practice with Set A

After the section introduction, each chapter is broken down into two problem sets, Set A and Set B.

After reading through the necessary formulas and sample questions for a given chapter, try the questions in Set A. Check your answers in the answer key. For any questions you need assistance with, watch the video tutorial.

Step 3: Master the topic with Set B

After reviewing Set A questions, try Set B. You’ll see that Set B mirrors Set A. The purpose of this is to reinforce what we covered in Set A and to give you an opportunity to master the material.

Who this course is for:

  • Students taking the SAT exam
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