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Automation in iOS 10

Automation in iOS 10

Make a difference, take testing to the next level.

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What You will Learn?

  • Become proficient in iOS automated testing and apply for entry level testing / automation jobs.

Online Course Description:

Learn to design and write automated tests for iOS 10 apps using XCTest api’s. Develop apps and robust automated tests. With detailed text lectures including image illustrations and steps after each video lecture, you are getting a video based learning course and a guided e-book (in the curriculum) for the price of 1 course!

You will learn how to execute tests not only on simulators but also on real iOS devices without paying hefty fees for product licenses and without depending on updates from third party tools.

Along with automation you will also learn fundamentals of Swift3 and get a head start in iOS 10 app development. You will build multiple apps in this course, along with a few towards the end where you will learn how to get app templates and design automated tests for them.

One of the highlights is you will learn how to execute your tests from the command line and integrate with Jenkins for continuous integration.

So what are you waiting for? Join today and mobile app development and automation to your skill set.

Take This Online Course