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Assertiveness – learn to be the best of you: Basics

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Learn to be the best of you through one of the best life coaches Norina Nour. In this interactive, fun, and informational course, you will learn what assertiveness and how you can recognize it within yourself. According to the instructor, the best way to understand assertiveness is by first understanding what notions of passiveness, passive-aggressiveness, and aggressiveness to you are. Next, you will understand that self-care is not selfish. It is because Norina believes if you succeed to care for yourself, only then will you be able to care for others properly. You can consider this course series to be perfect for those who are always finding it difficult to say NO to others. Or those who feel they can never offer their real opinion on different topics only because they think it may create a conflict.


  • Clear information,
  • Examples to improve your understanding of assertiveness and help you implement the methods to enhance your communication.
  • Practical exercises

Here is what we will cover in Assertiveness – learn to be the best of you: Basics:

  1. Introduction in Assertiveness
  2. Understanding Assertiveness
  3. Understanding Passiveness
  4. Understanding Passive-aggressiveness
  5. Understanding Aggressiveness

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